Frontiers in Hearing Symposium 2021

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About the Frontiers in Hearing Symposium

The Frontiers in Hearing Symposium is a premier biannual event for professional development and networking in the field of audiology. 

The evolution of newborn hearing screening and early identification hearing loss in children presents challenges for professionals in the areas of early diagnosis, intervention, education, and management.  This multidisciplinary conference will facilitate the exchange of information and sharing of ideas to better understand current standards of care and emerging practice recommendations.

2021 Symposium

The focus of the presentations for Frontiers in Hearing 2021 will explore what we know about the relationship between the brain and auditory behavior in infants and children with hearing loss and those with normal hearing as well as provide insights into the challenge of managing children with the duel diagnosis of hearing loss and Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Content includes new developments to support audiological assessments of infants and information to better understand auditory development in infants and children. There will be special case presentations and panel discussion from some of the world’s renowned clinicians and scientists.    

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