Celebrating 40 Years of Service with Clarisse Simonini-Weber

Clarisse administers a speech evaluation in the early 1980’s.

Join us in celebrating Clarisse Simonini-Weber’s retirement after 40 years in speech language pathology! Clarisse started her career as a speech language pathologist in September of 1980. In that time, Clarisse provided services to many individuals with diverse needs from hearing loss to neurogenic disorders to swallowing difficulties.

Jill Wayne, AuD and past MDC Executive Director worked alongside Clarisse since the early 1980’s providing services to the Denver metro region and shares her thoughts on Clarisse’s impact as a speech language pathologist.

“Although Clarisse saw all kinds of speech therapy clients, her gift really seemed to be working with kids with some pretty serious learning disabilities – her patience and kindness is outstanding. She also did some work with adults. She was always so good about keeping up with new therapies, and was constantly learning and reading. More than once, she would see a child who grew up and had his or her own children, and she ended up seeing the child of the “child” for therapy! Often learning disabilities can be genetic. And Clarisse’s reputation was a factor as well–just really good and what she does. Her work with families and helping them to do more work at home, beyond what the therapy sessions did, was key over the years. Clarisse is a wonderful therapist–compassionate, patient, kind and knowledgeable. Her dedication to her clients and their families has been one of the reasons she has been such an asset to the Center.”

We are grateful for Clarisse’s dedication and wish her the best in her retirement! If you want to send a message to Clarisse, contact us and we’ll make sure your message gets to Clarisse! Make a donation on behalf of Clarisse at www.mariondowns.org/donate!

Clarisse with a young patient in 2020.
Clarisse Simoni-Weber featured in an illustration by Matt Farrin made in the early 1980’s.