Supporting Individuals and Families With Hearing or Communication Challenges

A nonprofit "Center of Excellence," developing and providing hearing, speech/language, and early literacy services and programs.

At the Marion Downs Center, we value comprehensive service, individual attention, family engagement,
evidence-based solutions and a wellness approach to hearing and communication challenges.

Joshua Domenico
May 24, 2022.
Dr Caleb Kronen is absolutely the best audiologist a person could ask for. I have had a hearing disability my entire life I cannot be more grateful and thankful that I wound up under this man’s care. I have been through many audiologists some good and some bad. Dr Caleb Kronen however is a gem of a find. He is insanely knowledgeable about audiology, has the same hearing loss I have, and has a heart of gold. If you wind up under his care consider yourself a very lucky duck.
Tina Russell
May 6, 2022.
Marion Down Center has been my audiologist for over 30 years now. I have always loved the people that work here. Their knowledge of resources to help a person hear is really awesome, I have always been in the low income bracket and there would have been no way I could have paid on the hearing aids on my own. Im very thankful that they are there! They are very friendly people who seems to enjoy their job. I would not have any other audiologist.
Diane Roberts
April 11, 2022.
Wonderful opportunity & staff!
John Holland
February 22, 2022.
My experience has been amazing. Perfectly skilled. Perfect at listening. Helpful at the drop of a question. I have been astounded at the change in my daily life and enjoyment of many things involved with hearing, especially hearing, that I did not really appreciate how significantly I was missing. Sandra and the team are actually amazing and each person makes you feel that your need is a very important reason for them to be of service. Kind and patient. A wonderful program and community resource.
Dave Bear
September 9, 2021.
The absolute kindest most compassionate and efficient group of professionals you will find. Stop looking for a good audiologist you just found the best here. Dr. Kalub rocks!!!
Daniel Anderson
February 24, 2021.
They helped me get the best hearing devices for me!
Wes Strebeck
December 23, 2020.
Just got my hearing aids after procrastinating for far too long. Every single person I interacted with here was incredibly kind, genuine, and knowledgeable. It makes me wish I would have gone here much sooner. They helped find the best fit for my hearing needs and budget and never once tried to upsell or get more money out of me which is even more appreciated with such a significant purchase. I am truly thankful for for them.
Sean Azzariti
March 18, 2020.
I was fitted for a set of Westone hearing protection. The doctor was quick, yet thorough, answered all of my questions, and my hearing protection has made a world of difference when attending concerts.
Nieves Jimenez
December 17, 2019.
This is really rich experience, and those staffs are friendly and patients
Michelle Hoagland
May 10, 2019.
Excellent services!

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