Hearing Technology

Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implants, and Assistive Technology

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Hearing Aids

Services include selection, fitting, verification (probe-microphone testing), and validation. All are critical components in the optimal treatment of hearing loss using technology.  

Style, signal processing strategies, and manufacturer options are reviewed. 

Marion Downs Center

Cochlear Implants

The consideration of cochlear implant candidacy can be a natural step for individuals with hearing loss. Our experienced team can assess candidacy and help individuals and their families navigate the challenges when hearing aids are not enough. 

The ongoing support for individuals with cochlear implants includes device modification or "mapping," support for bi-modal hearing aid use, and hearing (re)habilitation. We support devices from all three FDA approved cochlear implant manufacturers in the US. 

Marion Downs Center

Assistive Devices

Assistive Devices include hearing and visual support technology for individuals with hearing loss including FM or Roger systems and other remote microphone systems, personal amplifiers, telephone systems, and alerting systems. Needs of each individual are unique and MDC audiologists provide a personalized approach to selecting and supporting assistive devices. 

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