Committed to Improving the Lives of
People of All Ages with Hearing and Communication Challenges

The Marion Downs Center

Marion Downs Center is recognized worldwide for its leadership, progressive innovations, and cutting-edge clinical services. Its mission to value and promote individual and family choices in treatment, communication, and technological options for people with hearing loss and their families is unique.

Our Mission

The Marion Downs Center provides state-of-the-art, culturally sensitive services, resources, education, and research to support the needs of individuals with communication challenges and their families. 

Our Goals:

  1. Provide high quality evidence-based service to all individuals
  2. Decrease communication barriers for all we serve
  3. Identify and support the early identification, education, and literacy of those most vulnerable to early learning challenges
  4. Provide services that accommodate and support individuals from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds
  5. Engage and educate the community and professionals in the areas of hearing loss, deafness, and communication challenges

Our Vision

To improve quality of life through compassionate, multidisciplinary, and high quality services and education. 

Our History

The roots of what is now the Marion Downs Center began in 1918 when the Denver League of Hard-of-Hearing began providing community support to individuals with hearing loss. In 2015, the Marion Downs Hearing Center merged with the Center for Hearing, Speech, and Language to become the Marion Downs Center (MDC). The MDC's extraordinary legacy was built through enriching people's lives by providing innovative, caring and high-quality services for people with barriers to communication regardless of financial status. The MDC is truly community based and relies on generous support from organizations, foundations, donors, and community partners.