Meet our new Speech Language Pathologist!

Say hello to our new speech language pathologist, Sarah Bookout, M.A.! Originally from El Paso, Texas, Sarah attended the University of Texas at Austin as an undergraduate and received her master’s degree in speech language pathology at the University of Northern Colorado.

Sarah smiles as a patient responds in a telehealth session.

Sarah’s experience includes working with children who have hearing loss, developmental disorders, speech and/or language delays and disorders, cleft palate, and fluency disorders in both the school and early intervention setting. She also has experience working with neurogenic disorders, traumatic brain injuries, stroke, fluency disorders, and swallowing difficulties within the hospital and skilled nurse settings.

Sarah works with a patient to build up speech articulation skills.

As a bilingual speech language pathologist speaking both English and Spanish, Sarah enjoys working with clients and families of different backgrounds and cultures. Her goal at the Marion Downs Center is to offer a wide range of speech and language services to a diverse population of clientele. She is currently offering in-person and teletherapy services, making sure to assess with the family the most appropriate option for therapy.

For more information about Sarah or to inquire about referrals or receiving speech-language services, email or call 303-322-1871.