Campus Connections 2022 Videos

For Teenagers who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing looking to succeed in education and the workplace after high school.

Marion Downs Center

Unconventional Approaches to Education with Greg Bland, MPA

Greg Bland, MPA shared his insights navigating the college experience and points out the different paths individuals can take to become successful. 


College Debt

Job Pay

It's Not Your Fault

Money Strategies

College Prep

Finding Success

Framing Strategies

Self Awareness

Academic Strategies

Engaging with Faculty

Self Advocacy

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Mentor Panel 

In addition to Greg Bland, three deaf and hard of hearing individuals shared their experiences 

Brian Kelly

Brian Evenstad

Hannah Crites

Greg Bland

Professional Panel 

Professionals shared their experiences and advice supporting deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the transition process.

Samantha Gartrell,
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Jordan Griffin,
CU Boulder Disability Services Office

Heather Hapke,
Rocky Mountain Deaf School

Dr. Sandra Abbott Gabbard,
Marion Downs Center

Chelsea Lee
Denver Office of Sign Language Services