Marion Downs Center Clinic Services

Providing audiology services for individuals and families of all ages. 

Marion Downs Centers offers comprehensive, evidence-based clinical services provided by professionals with unique and exceptional experience and expertise.

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Audiology & Hearing Evaluations

MDC audiologists provide world class hearing hearing health care to patients of all ages. A complete audiologic evaluation is the first step to understanding hearing, the function of the auditory system, and functional hearing ability.

A variety of tests are used to provide an accurate and complete hearing and communication profile. Test procedures are selected based on individual needs and include a health history, visual inspection of the ears, pure tone air and bone conduction audiometry, and tests of word recognition, word understanding, speech-in-noise, middle ear function, and other specialized tests when needed.

Results and recommendations are reviewed in each session.

Aural (Re)habilitation and Hearing Management

(Re)habilitation services can support optimized communication success through professionally guided resources and peer support. It is recommended that family members accompany individuals through the process. Both individuals and group sessions are available.

Hearing Technology

In-depth communication consultations include discussing hearing technology appropriate to an individual's hearing and lifestyle needs. Style, signal processing strategies, and manufacturer options are reviewed. Our philosophy is that a true partnership between patient and audiologist will result in better technology decisions. Services include selection, fitting, verification (probe-microphone testing), and validation. All are critical components in the optimal treatment of hearing loss using technology.

Music Audiology

Our Music Audiology program provides comprehensive services for musicians, audio engineers, concert goers, and music industry staff. We provide, hearing testing, hearing protection devices, in-ear monitors, sound exposure measurements, and more.

From internationally famous artists playing Red Rocks to local musicians, our audiologists provide evidence-based practices and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure excellent outcomes for all patients. 

Pediatric Audiology

MDC's pediatric audiologists provide state-of-the-art diagnostic assessment and treatment for children beginning at birth. Recommendations of the Joint committee on Infant Hearing are closely followed.

Comprehensive and detailed assessment includes a combination of test procedures including behavioral audiologic assessment, visual reinforcement audiometry, conditioned play audiometry, Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR), tympanometry, acoustic reflex threshold test, otoacoustic emissions (OAEs).

If hearing technology is recommended, the MDC audiologists will work with families to select the most appropriate options. Hearing aid fitting includes prescription fit amplification verified using probe-microphone technology and validated using outcome measures.  

Recreational Hearing Protection

MDC provides fitting and selection services for custom hearing protection.