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The Marion Downs Center occupational hearing conservation program has been Colorado’s premier occupational hearing conservation provider since 1972. Currently, the Marion Downs Center provides high-quality, OSHA and MSHA-compliant hearing conservation programs for over 300 Colorado businesses. 

Marion Downs Center Contributes to Noise Exposure Research

Over Decades, the Marion Downs Center has provided hundreds of thousands of de-identified hearing tests to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC and National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health NIOSH for research purposes.

A recent study by Masterson and Themann (in press) examines hearing loss among noise-exposed workers in the different industry sub-sectors within the Utilities sector. The study includes the percent of noise-exposed workers with hearing loss and their risk compared to a lower-exposed industry.

Masterson, E. A., & Themann, C. L. (in press). Prevalence of hearing loss among noise-exposed U.S. workers within the Utilities Sector, 2010-2019. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

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