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The Marion Downs Center occupational hearing conservation program has been Colorado’s premier occupational hearing conservation provider since 1972. Currently, the Marion Downs Center provides high-quality, OSHA and MSHA-compliant hearing conservation programs for over 300 Colorado businesses. 

On-site Audiometric Testing

Mobile Testing Unit (audiometric screenings)  

Our goal since 1972 has been to ensure that on-site audiometric testing and OSHA compliance is simple, accurate, and fast.   

Our mobile testing unit is equipped with state-of-the-art Benson hearing testing equipment and staffed by a CAOHC-certified Occupational Hearing Conservation technician.

Our team audiologists review each hearing test to make appropriate recommendations, referrals, and work-relatedness determinations. 

We provide test instructions and notifications in up to 21 different languages, using multiple languages at once when testing groups. Training and counseling are provided to all employees at no extra cost. 

Upon request, wwill complete same-day retests of hearing for employees with standard threshold shifts (STS). We also offer otoscopy to determine if employees need earwax removal by an audiologist at our facility. 

We are compliant with OSHA standards for occupational noise exposure and HCP (hearing conservation program) guidelines. Reports can be provided electronically or in a spiral bound paper form. 

Our services are perfect for companies in manufacturing, transportation, utilities, agriculture, and mining.  

Noise Exposure Assessments

Dosimetry of Employee-based Noise Exposure  (OSHA-required noise testing) 

We provide devices (noise dosimeters) that employees can wear during their shift to tell us how much noise they are exposed to over time. This data can be used by our audiologists to make recommendations and work-relatedness determinations. You will receive a summary report, statistical data, and a time history report for each dosimeter. A detailed analysis of this data can also be provided for an additional fee.  

Noise Levels  

You must have noise levels in your plant on record. Employees exposed to an 8-hour TWA (time weighted average) of 85 dBA or higher must be notified of these results.  

High Mobility  

If your workers have high mobility while working, area-type readings with sound level meters may not provide accurate exposures. Re-monitoring Re-monitoring is necessary whenever changes in the work environment increase noise exposure.  

Equipment Features  

No on/off switch! Start and stop times are preprogrammed before shipping for automatic usage in the field. Just clip the device on the employee’s shoulder at the designated start time and take it off at the end of the shift.  

• No set up required by you.  

• Small, durable device about the same as a cell phone that can be clipped anywhere.  

• Devices are lightweight.  

• You will receive the dosimetry results (TWA, noise dosage, etc.) via email.  

• An audiological analysis of the results is available for an extra charge

Sound Level Survey (noise map)  

Sound Level Surveys (or noise maps) are comprehensive surveys of area noise levels and noise exposure of employees.  Marion Downs Center will perform Area Noise Monitoring in and around the selected facility, with as many noise readings as requested. Marion Downs Center will provide a final report noise levels at each area. An audiological analysis of the noise map can be added on for an additional fee.  

Understanding your Workplace Sound Levels  

• If you have to raise your voice to talk to someone who is only 3 feet away, noise levels could be over 85 dB  

• Noise levels could be too high if you hear ringing or humming in your ears when you leave a loud environment at work  

• A temporary hearing loss when you leave work could be the result of noise levels being too high in your work environment  

Area Noise Mapping  

• Sound level surveys (noise maps) document noise levels at specific times to help determine if persons are at risk with dangerous noise levels.  

• Areas which have noise levels of 85dBA or louder with exposure for 8 hours or longer are considered being at action level and require a comprehensive hearing conservation program.  

• Areas that exceed a TWA (time weighted average) of 90dBA or greater also require mandatory hearing protection usage and must be designated accordingly.  


Who: Our Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationists  

WHERE: All areas suspected to be 80 dBA or above and any areas of concern  

WHENAnnually is preferred for OSHA, but required at least every 2 years. Can be provided on same day of annual hearing testing 

Work-Relatedness Determinations

Our Certified Professional Supervisor in Audiometric Monitoring can analyze cases in which a recordable Standard Threshold Shift (STS) has been confirmed and determine if the employee’s change in hearing was or was not caused by workplace noise. If the change in hearing is determined not work-related, the STS can be crossed off of the OSHA 300 log.   

Custom Hearing Protection

Custom Fit Ear Plugs 

We make custom re-usable earplugs for your employees that will save you money, reduce waste, and improve comfort. We can then conduct fit-testing at our clinic to validate and document that the earplugs are blocking out the required amount of noise while still allowing speech to be heard.

Save Money and Maximize Protection with Custom Ear Plugs

5 years of foam plugs per employee may likely cost you $300 or more. With proper care, a set of custom plugs can easily last up to 5 years.

Custom hearing protection can offer your employees the maximum protection with NRR ratings of up to 27 dB on the most popular styles. Custom fit plugs are easy to get in and provide clearer sound.

Custom Fit Communication Head Sets

We also offer custom communication earpieces that help protect the hearing of those who use radios and phones while making it easier to understand radio and/or phone communications. 

Getting a Custom Fit

Individual appointments are held at our center. For group orders of 10 or more custom fit plugs, email or call us to request an onsite plug appointment.

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