In addition to our clinic and pediatric services, we also provide support for a variety of populations from families to teenagers to consumers.

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Communication Workshops

Marion Downs Center offers workshops in two forms of visual communication - American Sign Language and Cued American English. 

American Sign Language has traditionally been the language of the Deaf community and comes with a culture of its own. With its own set of rules and grammar, American Sign Language is a complete and separate language from spoken English. 

Cued American English is part of the Cued Speech system of cued languages which include over 60 languages and dialects from around the world. Cued Speech is a visual mode of communication using hands and mouthshapes based on the phonology of spoken language. 

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Consumer Education

Marion Downs Center provides trainings and workshops for consumers on a variety of topics from technology to accommodations at home and in the workplace. 

We support group requests for trainings or workshops. To make a request, contact us here.  

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Family Support

Providing opportunities for families to socialize and network with one another is an important component of our community outreach efforts. At our events, parents often find new resources and networks, children create new friendships, and everyone enjoys being a part of a special community.

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Teen Program

The objective of the Marion Downs Center’s Teen Program is to help prepare teenagers who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH) for a critical transition period in life: graduating from high school and either starting college or entering the work force.

Starting college or a new career is a challenge for every young adult, hearing or deaf. However, those who are DHH may be faced with additional challenges ranging from appropriate classroom accommodations (ASL interpreters, cued language transliterators, CART, notetakers, etc.) to getting through a “phone screening” for a potential job. Unfortunately, some teens who are DHH are unprepared to manage these challenges. Our Teen Program strives to prepare teenagers with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to successfully transition to independent adulthood.

The main themes addressed in this program are: 

Self-advocacy skills

Technology options (both for personal listening use and classroom/workforce)

Legal rights

Workforce Consultations

Marion Downs Center offers consultations for both employees and employers in regard to workplace accommodations and accessibility. 

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