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Campus Connections for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teenagers
Marion Downs Center

Campus Connection Updates

Campus Connections 2022 was a success with many thanks to our partners and supporters! Click here to watch videos from this event. 

Parents reported that they learned so much and they were grateful to have this experience through Campus Connections while teens had fun experiencing the diverse smorgasbord of food options in the Center for Community dining hall and exploring the different services and supports available on campus.

Thank you to Linguabee, Language Matters, and Visible Voices, Inc. for providing access and to the Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind for their support.

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Campus Connections: Get Set Up for Success After High School

A Transition Program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing/Deaf-Blind Teens Seeking Post-Secondary Education And/Or Employment

Many high school students with hearing loss struggle with college or post-secondary training. They may not know how to access services or are aware of their rights and experience social isolation.

For over a decade, Campus Connections has taught deaf and hard of hearing teenagers to:

  • Navigate the college application system
  • Prepare for college life
  • Request and receive services needed
  • Learn about different accommodations and technologies
  • Meet and interact with DHH Adults with diverse experiences
  • Experience life on a real college campus.
  • Improve self-advocacy skills

Campus Connections also prepares parents and family members/guardians in giving effective support as DHH teenagers navigate through their journey into adulthood.

Campus Connections Updates

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Campus Connections Updates