Dr. Emory Bratton prepares for a hearing screening with a young child.

KidScreen, a screening program of the Marion Downs Center, provides hearing, vision, speech and language screenings throughout the Denver metro region. For over twenty five years, KidScreen has screened thousands of children at childcare centers, preschools, Early Head Start/Head Start sites, charter schools, and private K-8 schools. 

These screenings determine if a child’s developmental, academic, and learning skills are on target for their age, or if there is a need for further evaluation. Difficulties in hearing, vision, speech, or language in early childhood results in reduced growth and development in learning, literacy, social skills, and behavior. Early detection is critical.

Most doctors’ offices do not offer comprehensive screening for hearing, speech, and functional vision at well child checkups. These screenings are not routinely available to all children through their childcare sites or schools.   We also provide individual screenings in our clinic. 

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