We are thankful for the Marion Downs Center because…

Here are some of the reasons why our patients and staff are thankful for the Marion Downs Center.

Dr. Sandra Abbot Gabbard, Clinical Audiologist – “Heroes work here!”

Dr. Julie Peterson, Clinical Audiologist – “We make a difference in people’s live, helping them succeed in their better hearing journey!”

Dr. Caleb Kronen, Clinical Audiologist – “We help protect thousands of ears each year in Colorado!”

Lynne Lyons, Chief Operating Officer – “We help people with communication challenges so they can achieve their fullest potential.”

Cindy Gladden, KidScreen Coordinator – “Kidscreen provides services to those in need.”

Kim Mesa, KidScreen, & ELLO – “Because of the resources that it provides to the community.”

Kim Moon, Front Desk Receptionist – “the difference we can make in people’s lives, especially in these challenging times!”

Ann McRea, Parent: “We have had great success in speech improvement & learning is so fun!”

Emory Bratton, 4th Year AuD Student – “of the diverse learning opportunities & experiences the Center has offered to me!”