Frontiers in Hearing Symposium 2023

Frontiers in Hearing Symposium is postponed until 2023

Frontiers in Hearing Symposium Postponed to 2023

We regret that the planning committee made to difficult decision to postpone the Marion Downs Center’s Frontier’s In Hearing Symposium in 2022.  We hope for an in person meeting in the summer of 2023 and would appreciate input or requests for content by July 1, 2022.  We are very proud of our past and future focus on "research to practice” for audiologists and others working to support children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and their families.

About the Frontiers in Hearing Symposium

The Frontiers in Hearing Symposium is a premier biannual event for professional development and networking in the field of audiology. 

The evolution of newborn hearing screening and early identification hearing loss in children presents challenges for professionals in the areas of early diagnosis, intervention, education, and management.  This multidisciplinary conference will facilitate the exchange of information and sharing of ideas to better understand current standards of care and emerging practice recommendations.