Newborn Hearing Screening Referrals

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In 1963, Marion Downs laid down the groundwork for universal newborn hearing screenings in Colorado and today over 98% of all newborns are screened for hearing concerns before leaving the hospital.

Parents who go through home births are encouraged to schedule a hearing screening with a pediatric audiologist before age 1 month.

It’s important to follow up on newborn screening referrals by age 2-3 months to determine if there is hearing loss present and begin intervention services. Ideally, newborns with hearing loss should start receiving intervention services by age 6 months.

The Marion Downs Center provides pediatric hearing screenings and diagnostic evaluations and children.  Here are some tips for parents preparing to take their young children to the audiologist.

Ways to Prepare for Your Baby’s Hearing Evaluation

  • Schedule during the time when your baby is most likely to nap
  • Having another family member is helpful to take notes and provide support
  • We encourage bringing only the baby if you have other children to minimize distractions and disruptions

Call 303-322-1871 or email to request an appointment with a pediatric audiologist at the Marion Downs Center.