Hearing Prevention Month: Tips for Protecting Your Children’s Hearing

Did you know that if you listen to devices with volumes that are too loud for too long and too often, you could experienced noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)?
Children today are dealing with an increase in the use of remote learning and may be exposed to excessive noise through their earbuds or headphones.
There are ways to prevent hearing loss. Follow these three tips from the American Speech and Hearing Association

  1. Turn the Volume Down – the ideal setting is to keep the volume at half-level
  2. Use Noise-Cancelling Earbuds/Headphones – noise-cancelling features can reduce the need to turn the volume up.
  3. Take Regular Listening Breaks – The potential for hearing damage depends on how long you listen as much as how loud you listen.

In addition to these three tips, it is also important to teach children the value of protecting their hearing. One way to do that is to ask them what their favorite sounds are and how they would feel if they couldn’t hear those sounds anymore.

Feel free to reach out to the Marion Downs Center if you have any questions or concerns about your children’s hearing.