Back to School Tips for Parents of Deaf/HOH Children

Back to School 2022 - DHOH Children_8_16_2022-01

As students return to school this month, here are some tips for parents and their deaf and hard of hearing children to make the transition easier.

Self Advocacy - Depending on your child’s age, help your child to understand what they should have access to by reviewing their IEP or section 504 plan. Help your child practice self-advocacy with role-playing to build confidence.

Accommodations & Hearing Technology - Coordinate with the teacher of the deaf/hoh and educational audiologist to provide support and training on accommodations and technology.

Classroom Environment - The acoustics of classrooms may make it more challenging for students to access their teacher and peers. Ensure that they have visual access to the teacher. U-shape or circular desk set ups allow students to see their peers better and benefit everyone.

The Marion Downs Center is available for hearing evaluations and educational consultations. Call us at 303-322-1871 or email us at for more information or to schedule an appointment.