Custom Shooter Ear Plugs

Westone DefendEar Digital DX5 Custom Shooter's Ear Plugs allow you to customize your hearing protection with five programmed modes that can cover you in different settings from the practice range to the outdoors to shooting competitions flawlessly.

All modes provide sound enhancement so you can track subtle game sounds and feature impulse suppression which provides ear protection, no matter your surroundings.

Get a perfect, reliable, comfortable fit and all the features you need to take your game to the next level, all in one pair of DefendEar Digital custom ear plugs.

You can even customize your custom Defender DX5 with a variety of body colors from low-profile clear to camo or even glitter! Combine the body color with your choice of metallic door color for a sleek, modern look. Having so many choices means you can design your own ear plugs to fit your ear and your style.

The Marion Downs Center offers custom ear plug fittings and verifications. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us at 303-322-1871 or email us at